Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another Year

It seems hard to believe that I abandoned this blog for no reason, but now I'm heading into my 5th year in a row teaching first grade, its extremely important for me to document my year.  As of right now, it will be my last year at this school.

It was not ever in my plans to move from this classroom that I was in for four years, but I was asked to move to the mod because I had experience and because my administrators knew that I would be moving.

Why am I moving?  Because I got MARRIED!  Pretty amazing.  I'm only moving because my amazing husband is in the Air Force and will be moving us to another base in a year.  I guess I am no longer Miss Red Head, but Mrs. Red Head.  :)  I now have two step children that I adore.  They live about 12 hours away from us, so we don't always have them, but when we do, its pretty amazing!  I like to keep my privacy, but here's a picture of our rings!

So when I left my classroom, it looked, well empty because everything was moved.  I was given a mod that has never held students.  It held college students and band students, but never students, so I have a daunting task in front of me to create a first grade paradise.  I think that biggest task is making bulletin boards where there aren't any.  There are ZERO bulletin boards.  I do have a SMART Board and two offices and a kitchen area....I can't complain.  The third office belongs to the band director for at least two months.  It is going to be odd having offices, but the reality of it is that I'm thankful to go through everything, three times over in a year, but I'm scared I'll either throw away too much or too little.

Here's a peek at what I'm up against when I head into work on August 3rd....

Not sure what to do about those curtains....they are so not me or first grade friendly.....Onto more planning and summer fun!

~Mrs. Red Head

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brutal Honest Personal Post

Life could be horrible.  It could unbearable.  It could be worse than what it is.  I could be sick or dying and I'm fine.

I'm actually healthy.

I'm happy.  I have a huge support system and yet I feel like I am floundering.

Yet, I just want to cry.  I have moments of helplessness.  I sometimes feel completely alone and yet I have no patience.

This is not the normal thoughts I have, but for the past few days they have ruled my life.

 I've been on a weight loss journey since August 23rd.  I joined a wonderful group that has inspired me, motivated me, and pushed me to places I never thought possible.  I weighed 228 pounds.  I wore a size 18.  I had huge, wide feet.  I had fluffy permed hair.  I was grieving.

Today I weight around 190, give or take.  I wear a size 12 pant and Medium top.  I can chest press 40 pound weights in each hands at least 3 times.  I work out with my trainer and group at least 5 times a week.  I have strength and confidence to overcome a lot of things.

I'm at that next level.  It scares me.  It means giving up cheese.  It means less coffee (GASP! I know, we all need that as teachers!)  It means not going out to eat, but instead packing!  I need to lose another 40+ pounds in this journey.

I'm feeling everything hit me today because I know that my controlled world of work is ending in 8 weeks.  I'm going to be hanging out at the beach and I'm TERRIFIED that I'm going to fall off of this wagon of loss.  I'm scared that when May 9th hits and it is 9 years since my grandfather died, my hero, that I'm going to stop.  I know that when June 22nd hits that it has been one year since my cousin died unexpectedly.  I know that on May 19th she won't turn 36 and promise me a margarita.  I know that I will be going out on May 25th on my birthday with my new group of 'family' that she won't be joining me.  It hurts.  It is hard.  It feels like I'm so alone and I'm not.  I have done things I've never thought possible and yet I feel so scared to go through these feels of fear.  I've pushed so many thoughts away and used that energy in my workouts, but today I had no workout.  I had no patience for my daughter, not fair to her.  I spent over a 100 dollars at the store to buy food for me to eat.  Crazy I know, but I needed a jump start to push myself into the 50 pound zone.  But what if I don't make it?

In the end of writing, I've cried now.  I can honestly say that my shoulders feel lighter.  I know I'm going to make it to 50 pounds.  It may not be this week, but I KNOW that I will get there.  I KNOW that the next 8 weeks with my class is going to rock!  They have been my rock this year!  They have watched me not be able to run a mile to be able to run in a 5K!!  I know that when my daughter comes home that I'm going to have patience for her because she deserves it. I don't need to fret about May 9th, May 19th, or June 22nd.  I just need to focus on here and now.

Here is my thought for you, if you held onto a non teaching post.  Be positive.  Don't let fear stand in your way.  Cry.  It is good for the soul!

~Miss Red Head

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stories from the Open Windows

Yes, I had all of my windows open today!  All 7!  I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't.  It has been stinkin' hot and I honestly can't take another day with my room at 85 degrees!  SHEESH!  I prayed Sneezy would hold their sneezes and would be okay.  Thankfully, Sneezy wasn't in our room today!  I had 20 cool students, we a room at 75 degrees.  Our heat was turned off Monday and we are currently in a cool down stage.  The system isn't 4 yet and that out of date!  Our sister school is a year old and they get Cold Air with a flip of a switch.  ReAlLy!?!?!?!?!

With that I was sitting at my Kidney table checking answer.  I gave all 21 reading students the same 3 questions and differenciated what I expected from their answer.  I just wanted it in a complete sentence, others I wanted to know why.  And then some I wanted the proof!  It worked and they rocked it!

I have a very diverse population in reading.  (We switch for RtI for 90 minutes of instruction, so students learn at their level daily.)  You name it, they are in my class.  We were answering questions about Whistle for Willie.  The question was, "Would you be friends with Peter?"  Seriously, one kiddo wrote, "No because he is brown and I am white."  I was speechless.  I asked kiddo if he was friends with kiddo x, who was African American.  He's like Yeah, so I said go change your answer!  I am still floored at this, but it shows that I need to teach more about diversity and that everyone comes from a different background.  I know he meant no harm by his answer, but overall, this hit a button and made me realize that sometimes students don't always connect stories to real life and see beyond the color.  It also make me question if some parents still encourage their children to pick friends based on their skin color.

So my questions to you awesome educators out there, have you had this issue?  If so, how did you handle it?

Onto Friday!  Where it is cold again.  So long 90 degree weather.  I'll see you again in a few weeks!

~Miss Red Head

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sale and Give Away!

There is the link to my store at teachers pay teachers.  EVERYTHING is 20% off at my store until Friday.

I promised a give away.

Leave a comment between now and Friday and you will be able to choose a product of your choice.  For your comment tell me about your goal for 2013.  Don't forget to include your email address!

I'd promise 30% off my store since I've lost 30 pounds, but it wouldn't let me.

When I hit 40 pounds I will do the same.

I head back to reality tomorrow.  I've missed my students.

Good luck to those heading back with me!

Good luck with the giveaway!

Winner will be announced first thing Saturday!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm sooooo EXCITED!!!  I just purchased my DJ Inker License and I plan on making a new product each day this week and posting it on TeachersPayTeachers nightly.

Today I created a High Frequency Word Cloze Sentence Activity.  It is 4 pages of useful handouts.  Short, easy, the way I like transition work.  I plan on using these with my class this week to ready them for the Cloze Assessment on Thursday.

Tomorrow I will edit my Christmas Math packet and put it up for sale.  I will be posting details nightly.

Last but not least, I will be having a give away, so please check back on Thursday for the fun details!

Have a great week!

PS, I am having a sale on my products, so it is the perfect time to buy!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I cannot believe that it is already Halloween!  I didn't have school the last two days because of Hurricane Sandy, but that isn't why I haven't been blogging.  I am currently doing something I never thought possible.  I am losing weight.  I'm not talking weight watchers or some other plan.  I'm doing Boot Camp.  Eat from the sheet and work your ass off.  In a month I was running a mile in under 13 minutes!  I did it in 11:56 last week!  AMAZING!  I have a goal to be under 10 minutes by Christmas.  I also plan on being down 26 pounds by then.  I'm thrilled to be releasing my stress in a healthy way and turning myself away from food.  I've been reading like no tomorrow.  Replace one habit with another.  Well, time for bed.  Hope to share some fun things I'm doing in class.

Happy November!

Miss Red Head

Monday, September 3, 2012

Exhaustion, Fun, and Parent Homework

This weekend has been EXHAUSTING!  I feel like I need a weekend for my weekend!  I had four days off to boot!  CRAZY?!?!?  My daughter finally returned late Friday night from her trip with her grandparents to Maine!  I loved having a week off, going to three boot camps (More on that another day), and spending time with my grandmother.  It was odd to get up daily and only worry about me, but then to put her into the mix this weekend AND add in my nephew!  PWEH!  I'm ready for bed!

I had a lot of fun this weekend with my daughter and nephew.  They are two amazing kids and they get along sooooo well!  I took them for a long walk today at the beach.  Let's just say, he didn't like the long walk, but agreed to go for a jog with me next time he was down.  :)

Finally I just posted one of my FAVORITE resources to TPT!  I use Parent Homework EVERY year! I seriously NEED this form to understand my parents every year!  I just ask a few simple questions, and in one night, I know a LOT about my students and their parents!  I have made it free because I'm sure other have used this resource in the past.  If you don't have it, please download it and use it yearly!

You will find Parent Homework HERE!

Also while you are there, don't forget to pick up my Beach Alphabet and Shapes unit!  The Alphabet is amazing and I can't wait to share with you a picture of how it looks in my classroom!  Seriously, the kids loved it and love looking at the pictures!

I will be back tomorrow with my currently for September!

Have a great first day to those starting tomorrow!  I'm starting day 5!  :)