Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another Year

It seems hard to believe that I abandoned this blog for no reason, but now I'm heading into my 5th year in a row teaching first grade, its extremely important for me to document my year.  As of right now, it will be my last year at this school.

It was not ever in my plans to move from this classroom that I was in for four years, but I was asked to move to the mod because I had experience and because my administrators knew that I would be moving.

Why am I moving?  Because I got MARRIED!  Pretty amazing.  I'm only moving because my amazing husband is in the Air Force and will be moving us to another base in a year.  I guess I am no longer Miss Red Head, but Mrs. Red Head.  :)  I now have two step children that I adore.  They live about 12 hours away from us, so we don't always have them, but when we do, its pretty amazing!  I like to keep my privacy, but here's a picture of our rings!

So when I left my classroom, it looked, well empty because everything was moved.  I was given a mod that has never held students.  It held college students and band students, but never students, so I have a daunting task in front of me to create a first grade paradise.  I think that biggest task is making bulletin boards where there aren't any.  There are ZERO bulletin boards.  I do have a SMART Board and two offices and a kitchen area....I can't complain.  The third office belongs to the band director for at least two months.  It is going to be odd having offices, but the reality of it is that I'm thankful to go through everything, three times over in a year, but I'm scared I'll either throw away too much or too little.

Here's a peek at what I'm up against when I head into work on August 3rd....

Not sure what to do about those curtains....they are so not me or first grade friendly.....Onto more planning and summer fun!

~Mrs. Red Head

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